Four Decades of Continued Growth

George Hasley, Chairman, CEO, and former President, and his wife, Elisabeth Hasley, former vice president, founded NAC in 1975, in a 14,000 square foot facility in Hastings, Nebraska.

Through continuous reinvestment in workforce and equipment, the company has grown into a 120,000 square foot facility fitted with die casting machines, hydraulic trim presses, melting and holding furnaces, spindle gang drills, tapping machines, drill presses, finishing mills, machining and turning centers, lathes and coordinate measuring machines. The company also uses an array of CAD/CAM programs to develop molds, machine setups, and other production processes. Click here for a comprehensive timeline of equipment upgrades.

Under their leadership, NAC has adhered to strict quality and production standards, producing more than 50 million pounds of castings since the company’s founding. A belief in treating employees and customers with honesty and courtesy has built a reputation of stability and integrity.