What's New at NAC




First let’s talk about the new people at NAC that are here to “SERVE THE CUSTOMER”.

VP of Operations Robert (“Bob”) McMaster. Office Ext 226. Cell 402.303.9167. Bob came to NAC with 30 years of manufacturing management experience. Bob has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Technology with an emphasis on Manufacturing. Bob is well qualified and experienced in Lean Manufacturing and Quality Assurance. NAC is fortunate that Bob chose NAC to apply his skills.

Die-Cast Supervisor Jennifer Chapman has been with NAC for over 25 years. Jennifer started as a die-cast trimmer and thru her years progressively moved from a die-cast trimmer to the Die Cast Supervisor. This was no accident that Jennifer was promoted to manage the NAC Die Cast Department. Jennifer utilized the education opportunities of Central Community College (“CCC”) to prepare her for this management position. NAC financially and with encouragement, supports our employee’s education at CCC there in bringing true meaning to “Win-Win”. 


While “everybody else” was working from home, NAC stayed on the job.    Of course, not everybody worked from home, but it highlights that our hands-on manufacturing and support personnel had little opportunity to work from home.     Although NAC suffered thru the Covid year we continued to plan and grasp the opportunities that were afforded us.   The following additions were made in 2020 and 2021.

  • New 125 HP Air compressor with accompanying new air dryer.
  • New CNC Mitutoyo SP25 Scanning Probe and Software Upgrade for the NAC, CNC-CMM. 
  • New Mark 2000SIP 1KST Realtime X-Ray System.
  • Factory remanufactured to new at Buhler-Prince, one each Prince 629 Die Cast Machine.
  • New 2021 Makino a51NX Horizontal Machining Center.
  • Two each used Brother TC- 32 A Drilling Tapping Machines.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Continuing Recertification per three-year audit.


Your familiar NAC contacts, George, Ray, Dale, Gary, Nicki, Andy 1 & 2, Diane, Joe, Dave, John, and Patty are all right here “Serving the Customer.” Don’t be fooled. We named contacts all know our success is supported by our fantastic Team members operating the machines that produce your parts.